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About Me

Deana L. Davis, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, has always had a strong passion for helping others. The Social Work profession and its endless possibilities always played a major role in her life. From adolescence onward, she envisioned herself as a therapist in the field of social work/helping profession where she would provide therapy to individuals, families and couples.


Deana’s aspiration to succeed eventually led to her completing her Bachelor of Social Work from Temple University in in 2006 and her Masters in 2013. Her extensive experience as a medical resource professional, child protective services worker and homeless outreach manager solidifies her as a change agent for various populations in her community.

Deana maintaining her clinical focus for 11 years in different managerial roles in the field of social work. Her strong passion for helping others led her to open her own private practice in October 2017. She will continue to provide additional support to individuals & families to help the maintain positive relationships and live fulfilling lives. She offers an array of tailored services to meet to meet each individuals clients needs.

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