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About Me

Deana Davis is the owner and founder of Davis & Associates Counseling Services, located in
Philadelphia, PA. Deana is a licensed Social Worker and Therapist. She is a graduate of Temple
University with a specialization in Clinical Social Work. In 2017, Deana started her private
practice with the mission of teaching women & children the concept of Self Love. She researches
the best therapeutic & holistic practices from a client-centered perspective.

Deana Davis is an author of The 30 Day Self Love Challenge workbook (2019) and How to Heal
from a Heartbreak (2022). She is the creator of a therapeutic group for women called The
Blueprint for Self Love. She has been sought out by various magazines, news media outlets and
companies to discuss topics related to improving the mental health and emotional wellness of
others. Deana Davis can be found co-hosting The G.R.E.A.T.E.S.T. Blueprint with Dr. Walls on
YouTube and Instagram.

Deana Davis’ true passion is helping others activate their internal guidance so they can fulfill
their greatest potential! To date, Deana has helped numerous women get back to authentically
loving themselves through her individual and group sessions.

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